Antoine Brodin (Born 1980 France)

Antoine Brodin was first taught the techniques of painting and design by his aunt, at age thirteen. He continued under her tutelage for three years transmitting her passion for art to him. Despite her violent opposition to the apprenticeship system, Antoine decided to serve his time as an automotive body painter at age 17. His rebellion and civil disobedience continued, when later enlisted at a school of Fine-Art becoming aware of how creativity can be stifled by institutionalisation, he decided to leave.

Following a serious accident and a month of recuperation relearning to walk, his life took a new departure. He discovered the art of stained glass and worked restoring various church windows. However he found that this work was not challenging enough for his creative spirit and began a year-long nomadic journey. He travelled bare foot trading lodgings with French families in return for work. It was during this period that he came across Allain Guillot and his son, had his first experience of blowing glass. It was a turning point and a moment of revelation for him.

In 2006, wanting to learn more, Antoine took weekend classes in Montreal Canada, and a formal degree at Nancy, northern France at the school, CERFAV. It was here he was to meet glassblower Jeremy Wintrebert whom he assisted over a period of four years. This experience along with travelling, working with various glassmaking traditions has broadened his vocabulary of glassmaking. In Venice for example he discovered the rich tradition of glassmaking passed from generation to generation, in Tokyo he learned the significance of nobility of gesture.

Penniless he returned to Paris in 2011. An introduction to Phillip Baldwin and Monnica Guggisberg, and encouragement of Jeremy Wintrebert, led to a personal journey of development and an understanding of opportunities in Europe.

In July 2013 he was invited to run the studio at La Compagnie des Verriers situated in Vannes-le-Châtel, near Nancy, in the North east of France. This included running the artists in residence programme, studio rental to artists designers and blowers, demonstrations, educative events, and production of edition lines.

Antoine has recently moved with his partner to the Southern French region of Ardèche, to begin his own business.


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